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Orange supporters invasion

Posted on Mar 29, 2011 by

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If you took a walk through the city today, you must have encountered the large number of noisy orange people — and perhaps wondered if Queen’s Day was coming early this year. You can relax though, because something else was being celebrated: the European Championship Qualifying match between Netherlands and Hungary. A week ago, the Netherlands scored a 4-0 win against Hungary after dominating the whole match; they are quite confident that tonight they’ll achieve another great victory. Netherlands are at the top of the qualification group after winning all their five games so far and close to securing a place in the main event next year.

Waiting for the game, all die-hard supporters dressed-up in orange for the occasion, and gathered for a beer in Rembrandt Plein.

Update: The game ended 5-3 for the Netherlands after a surreal second half; can you say “saved by the Kuyt”?

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