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Today I was in the mood to spend some time close to the water, but too lazy to leave Amsterdam. I went to the Oude Houthaven, a very quiet place which I discovered only about 2 years ago. I used to go by bike on the entire Houthaven area, but that’s not possible anymore since the work on the new residential area has started.

This is my place to hide when I want to run away from the city. The smell of the IJ waters, the ships and the silence are perfect when I want to relax, clear my head and forget about everything. I stayed there for a while and then decided to take some pictures, so I followed the water and went towards the IJdock and Westerdok.

Van Diemenstraat

Oude Houthaven 01

Oude Houthaven 02

Oude Houthaven 03

Oude Houthaven 04

Oude Houthaven 05

Oude Houthaven 06

Van Diemenkade

Houses on Van Diemenstraat 01

Houses on Van Diemenstraat 02

Narrow street

Oude Houthaven 07

Oude Houthaven 08

Oude Houthaven 09



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