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Visiting Bordeaux

Posted on Nov 2, 2015 by

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A few days ago I returned from a short but nice trip to Bordeaux, France. It was a long weekend to just escape from the daily routine for a while. It felt longer though, and I came back full of energy, even after walking kilometres every day while I was there. I liked the city so much! Bordeaux is the perfect destination for a weekend break. It’s like a jewel, a pretty city surrounding the Garonne river, the central meeting point for all streets and all people in the city.

I know everyone thinks about wine when they hear the name, but the wine (albeit very good) wasn’t the main focus for this trip. Trust me, there is more to Bordeaux than the wine! The city has a relaxed feel to it, the people are in no hurry. They take their time to have a croissant and a coffee in the morning. It’s a bike friendly city too. Although the infrastructure is not so well developed as in the Netherlands, people do cycle a lot.

The architecture is beautiful, I fell in love with the doors (you can expect an article about these soon). The churches are impressive, and the water mirror on Place de la Bourse is amazing. At the risk of sounding like a cliché, I have to admit this was my favourite point in the city. The square is like the opening of the city to the river, and the fountain is the place where many people meet and play like children on the water mirror, or relax watching world passing by. Yes, I visited it every day 😀

I had a favourite café for breakfast: Les Pains d’Alfredo on Rue Duffour Dubergier. I could sit on the terrace, watching the city wake up and admiring the chic people passing by, munching on my chocolatine and making plans for the day. I made friends with the city very quickly and felt welcome. And I got the chance to speak French with some very friendly people!

I’ll tell you more about Bordeaux in the future posts. For now I’ll leave you with some pictures:

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