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This article has been updated in January 2023.

If you are interested in Amsterdam, I put together a list of local bloggers for you, so you can see the city through the eyes of different people. Amsterdam is an inspiring city, so there’s no wonder that there are quite a few bloggers around, talking about the beauty of the city or about the best restaurants you can find here. Every year, with the new wave of expats, there are new blogs popping out, and that’s great! I love seeing the city through the eyes of newcomers, as much as I love finding out the hidden corners from the long term residents.

The 100 days project

Amsterdam bloggers

  • Culture Tourist. This blog is your travel guide through the art and culture of destinations around the world, and one of the main destinations is Amsterdam. The articles focus on art, culture, design. Tea, the person behind the blog, is very knowledgeable and can tell you many interesting things about art in an entertaining way.
  • Amsterdam Wonderland. A lifestyle blog about Amsterdam, with recommendations for museums, restaurants, family activities and more.
  • A Wanderlust for Life. A travel blog for Europe, with many articles about Amsterdam and the Netherlands. Jessica also has a successful YouTube channel, where you can follow her in her travels or learn about her life as an American in the Netherlands.
  • WanderlustingK. A travel blog with a comprehensive part about Amsterdam and the Netherlands. Karen’s articles are entertaining and well documented.
  • Amsterdive. This is another lifestyle blog with a different approach. It brings you interesting recommendations for cultural events and much more than that. Ana gives tips and tricks on how to make the best out of your wardrobe, hair or life. She’s an actress, a yogi, a playful person and a big fan of the Netherlands. She also shares personal stories and thoughts about the expat life. Update 2023: Ana announced that she won’t write on this blog anymore, but, for now, you can still enjoy its content.
  • UnClogged in Amsterdam. Melissa writes about Amsterdam in a unique way, pointing us to amazing spots in the city or telling stories about forgotten history.

  • Spotted by Locals. Here you can find recommendations from various locals, regarding things to do and places to eat & drink in Amsterdam. I like how the articles are brief and give just the right amount of info you need, including location, opening times and even phone numbers. And, the cherry on top: they’ve created an app which you can use on your smartphone (offline maps and tips can be especially useful for the ones visiting the city). 

  • Amsterdam Foodie. A blog for the true foodies out there, with a lot of restaurant reviews. I love Vicky’s style of describing culinary experiences. Her articles are well written and definitely not your usual hotspot presentation. Sometimes I even read pieces about places I’m not interested in, just because they are entertaining. She has a special way of telling a story that keeps me hooked. 

  • Amsterdam Calling. This is not a blog, but a YouTube channel. For the ones who prefer to watch and listen, instead of reading, these videos about interesting things in Amsterdam are perfect. 

  • Amsterdamian. It’s a bit narcissistic to add myself to the list, but I wouldn’t want you to leave this page without an invitation to browse through my articles. What started as an Amsterdam photo blog, developed into something bigger and now you can check out articles about Amsterdam and hidden gems of the Netherlands, but also about culture, expat life, modern society trends and social media.

Which are your favourite blogs from the Netherlands? Please mention them in a comment (even the ones written in Dutch!).

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  1. Thank you so much for putting this up, Dana! Super flattering to be mentioned among such fine creatives 🌞🙏

    • You are welcome! And, please, keep entertaining us 😉


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