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Berlin comes to Amsterdam

Posted on Nov 19, 2015 by

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Berlin visits Amsterdam this week! VisitBerlin, the tourist board of the German capital, brings 20 creative Berlin brands to Amsterdam in a pop-up store that will be here for this week only: Pop into Berlin on Utrechtsestraat 105. Part of a tour in 5 European cities, this initiative promotes the city by showcasing the creative people who live there and the economic opportunities that Berlin offers. This latest edition presents a few cool start-up companies. One of them is VFXbox, with their augmented reality apps and the humanoid robot Myon (the robot is only present in the augmented reality, he’s not really there to shake your hand, if that’s what you’re hoping for!). Another start-up is Panono, with their ball-shaped camera for high resolution panoramas. There are three more that I’ll let you discover yourself. I like this idea; in the end it is people that make a city what it is, isn’t it?

What should you expect to see in the shop? First of all, a great, joyful atmosphere, young people running around to make everything perfect and trying to impress you. Second, a variety of products, from beer to perfume and organic cosmetics, socks and small pieces of minimalistic furniture, bikes, a 3D printer (which offers small free gifts now and then) and more.

If you’re interested in these products you can either visit the shop until Sunday, 22 November, or buy them on the websites afterwards (although some of them can only be bought in Berlin, but you might have a visit planned already in the near future!).

Here’s a sneak peak into the shop:

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