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Shopping for “arts and crafts” and hobby supplies

Posted on Apr 10, 2013 by in All Photos, Shopping and Lifestyle | 0 comments

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Everyone should have a hobby; if you don’t have one, maybe you should start looking… Spending time on doing something you really enjoy is not only relaxing and good for your health, but can also provide some extra income, if you decide to monetise it. Amsterdam is quite an inspiring city — the bohemian atmosphere will give birth to many creative ideas and you’ll need some supplies to put them into practice. It’s not easy to find the shops, especially if you moved here from another country; I know that because I had some difficulties finding what I needed when I first moved to Amsterdam, because many of the websites are (or were, two years ago) in Dutch only, and I didn’t know how to look for them.


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Below is a list with some websites that I found in my search — they don’t refer to all possible hobbies, of course, but I hope some of you will find them helpful. I will go into more details about some of the shops in future articles, but for now there’s just a long list with short descriptions 🙂

  • Colormemine on Roelof Hartstraat 22 — the ideal place for someone in search of supplies for ceramic painting or making of mosaic; they also organise creative workshops
  • The Luchtvaart Hobby Shop or “The Aviation Store”, on Molenweg 249 — aviation books, aircraft scale modelling, aircraft model collections, flight simulation, pilot supplies and aircraft videos
  • Knopenwinkel (The Button Shop) — an impressive collection of buttons in all shapes and sizes
  • The Mad Bakers on Haarlemmerdijk 97 — everything you need for baking
  • Koud kunstje de knutsewinkel, close to Westerkerk — decopatch paper, glitter, paint, pencils, mosaic and kits for DIY decorative objects or gifts
  • Weldraad — a unique collection of wool and yarns, fabrics and buttons, all “Fair-trade” and environmentally friendly
  • Pingouin — everything for knitting
  • Hand Made Heaven on Kastanjeplein 2, close to Oosterpark — drawing, embroidery, knitting materials, clay, paint
  • Jan de Grote Kleinvakman — a small hidden shop at the Albert Cuyp market, a heaven for seekers of tailoring materials, but not only
  • Peter van Ginkel on Bilderdijkstraat 99 — great variety of painting and drawing supplies
  • Hoopman on Marnixstraat 47 — paint, canvas, paintbrushes
  • Vlieger — paper & art supplies
  • De Posthumus Winkel — stamps, beautiful paper, envelopes, inks of all colors and sealingwax
  • Beadies on Huidenstraat 6 — everything for jewelry making
  • Gone with the wind on Vijzelstraat 22 — especially for kids
  • het Paard — chess and other games
  • A Space Oddity — action figure toy shop
  • K&K — all you need for self made cosmetics and natural remedies (online shop)
  • De Kruiderie — ingredients for self made cosmetics and natural remedies (online shop)
  • Soap Queen — online shop for hand made soap products
  • Coppenhagen — beads and all the other necessary ingredients for jewelry making
  • Some other online-only shops: DBD Hobby; made by me!; de Bricoleur; Hobby en Kraal

In the end, let’s not forget that even at “regular” shops like Hema, Blokker or IKEA there is a lot of raw material to be found for hand-made crafts.

That’s my list — I haven’t tried all of them myself, but I’m planning to do it. Some of the websites are in Dutch only, but Google Translate is an expat’s best friend; also, once you have the address you can easily make a trip to the shop and ask for advice directly. I hope you’ll find some interesting nuggets among these, and if there are any that I missed, please feel free to suggest them in a comment.

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