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Dutch Provinces: Gelderland

”Discover the Netherlands, Province by Province” project – each month of 2022 is dedicated to one Dutch province.

May was for discovering Gelderland, a spectacular province, where there are so many things to see and do! We visited together the super charming Zutphen and the more modern Arnhem, and a few castles from the many in this province. The month was too short and I didn’t have the means to visit more of Gelderland; sadly, I only scratched the surface of this province. I’m already thinking to to the same challenge next year, because I want to see more of all the provinces I’ve visited so far! It’s becoming frustrating to not be able to visit enough places, but there’s nothing I can do, as this is a soul project and doesn’t bring me more money. I have to spend most of my time trying to get money to finance it (and to pay the bills 🙂 ).

I hope you enjoyed traveling with me through Gelderland, and I know you are curious to know which one is next. Your curiosity stops here: the next province is (drum rolls)… Noord-Brabant (North Brabant)!

Here’s the usual PDF with the main places to visit in Gelderland province (you will receive it as a downloadable file if you are subscribed to my newsletter).

Infografic Discover Gelderland:

Things to see and do in Gelderland

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