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Skating on natural ice in Vondelpark

Posted on Jan 27, 2017 by

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There might be no snow in Amsterdam these days, but that’s OK because there is another winter treat that makes everyone happy: ice!

Yes, the canals and lakes of Amsterdam are finally frozen! Even though the layer of ice on the canals of Amsterdam is still not thick enough, the small lakes in the parks have been transformed into natural ice rinks.

It’s a known fact that the Dutch are crazy in love with skating on natural ice: as soon as there is a solid sheet on a canal, you’ll see them pulling their skates on and trying to see if it holds! Oh, how I envy them! Skating is a skill I still need to learn, but I have skating on natural ice high on my wish list for the next few years. Preferably somewhere nice, like Kinderdijk, so I should start practising now. But for now I am just happy to walk on the frozen lakes in Vondelpark, where locals and tourists alike enjoy the fresh winter air. Such a beautiful day!

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