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Some may say it’s just a trend; that people are looking for organic products only to be a part of the crowd. Others may say that we are becoming more and more aware of what is good for our health and our planet, and will present you a big list of reasons why organic is good for you. No matter what your reason for shopping organic, in Amsterdam there is a good range of shops and markets (and some really nice people) that bring these products as close to us as possible.

Here is where I usually go for groceries:

Ekoplaza is a large chain of supermarkets (11 locations in Amsterdam) selling everything from cleaning products, cosmetics and food supplements to fresh fruit and vegetables. I like it for the well stocked super food section, the fruits, nuts, teas, sweets and cosmetics. And I love the Vanilla Rice Ice Cream, which I can only find in their shops.

Marqt is the other big supermarket chain that has expanded in the last few years. It sells all kinds of products (except cosmetics). It’s more trendy and expensive than the other organic shops, but it has a fresh fish stall and free range meat, a good choice of ready made lunches, sweets, cheeses, wines and many other products. What I like most about Marqt is the diversity of fruit and vegetables; I can even find heirloom varieties from time to time (which I can normally only find at the weekly markets).

Unlimited Health is a Yoga, detox center and raw food store selling supplements, nuts, seeds and dried fruits, flours, oil and vinegar, kitchen equipment and many other items.

Organic Food for You has a good variety of organic products in two small shops in central Amsterdam locations.

Delicious Food is a lovely family shop, close to Noordermarkt.

Simon Levelt serves us organic coffee and tea.

Odin — for online shopping and fruit and vegetables subscriptions.

Ekodis Natuurvoeding — the natural shop of Amsterdam Oost.

Then there are products that can be found at the weekly markets. Although not all organic, at least coming directly from local farmers:

Haarlemmerplein organic farmers’ market — every Wednesday between 10.00-17.00 at Haarlemmerplein (I like to treat myself to a veggie burger here, now and then).

Nordermarkt — each Saturday from 9.00 to 16.00, it’s my favourite weekly market.

Pure Markt — organised a few times per month in beautiful locations: Frankendael Park, Amstelpark and Beatrixpark. Mostly ready prepared food, some fruit and vegetables and soaps, cheese, plants, seeds, jewelry, clothes and many more.

ZuiderMRKT –Saturday market with organic products.

Niewmarkt — Saturday Market.

Let’s not forget the usual supermarkets also have some organic products on their shelves, and there must be more shops that I haven’t discovered in Amsterdam yet. As you can see, there are a lot of good places to go for organic products all around the city; you just have to choose the one that’s best for you!

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