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At 5 a.m. this morning I woke up to the sound of rain. It was such a joy to hear it! The house was still a sauna, but I went on the balcony to breathe in the fresh air and feel the raindrops on my skin. After a month of drought and heat that went in the past days up to 37 degrees C, everyone was hoping for rain and a drop in the temperatures. This was an unusual summer for the Netherlands: hot and dry, drier than the record year 1976. Many problems arose because of the weather: some bridges couldn’t open for the boats to pass, while others opened out of the blue, roads were melting, botulism appeared in some canals’ waters, and so on and so forth. This country is not prepared to deal with heat and drought. Talking about not being prepared: air conditioning is not a common thing to be found in Dutch homes, because it’s not usually needed. This was the biggest problem for many, including myself. Sleeping or just being at home was unbearable.


That’s why most people could be found at the beach, riding a boat or swimming in the canals. They still enjoyed the sun and made the best out of the weather. Today it’s supposed to rain and I do hope it will stay cloudy. Because the warm weather will continue well into August, and I would like to have the house cool down, at least for a day. After that we can go back to summer:

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  1. Silvija Knezevic

    Yes! Yesterday it was 31.5 degrees Celsius in my flat! That was the highest temperature ever. Now it has decreased to an astonishing 29.0 degrees! Hurray! 😀

    • Amsterdamian

      haha, exactly the same here 🤣 We’re not really cooling down, are we?

    • Silvija Knezevic

      I’m afraid not. We would if it were to stay like this for a couple of days. We shall see what happens. Sending you refreshing greetings from Zaandam! 😀

  2. Luisella Premoli

    Way too little rain though. Refreshing temperature for people but my garden is still thirsty. Never thought in my life I would be craving for rain in NL


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