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Amsterdam may not be Salem (USA) or Bran (Romania), neither Offaly (Ireland), known as top spooky places for spending this time of the year; but that doesn’t mean one can’t spend a proper spooky Halloween here — especially if a dense fog falls over the city, and the chances for that happening are quite decent.

Even though Halloween is not a Dutch holiday, in the past few years more and more people (especially expats) are adopting it; carving pumpkins is fun to do, isn’t it? Almost as fun as the theme parties that take place everywhere this weekend. Clubs are waiting for the zombies, vampires and witches at midnight, when the freak show is about to begin. For those who prefer a quieter and small-scale celebration, many bars are waiting with scary decorations and beer at hand.

The preparation for the night of Halloween may begin during the day, with a visit to The Amsterdam Dungeon or The Torture Museum or just a walk through the foggy (or just cloudy) streets in a search for haunted houses and their ghosts. Booohoohooo!

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  1. very nice photo!i want so much to vist Holland because of them!

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