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What to do in Monopoli, Italy

Posted on Jul 15, 2017 by

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The best thing to do in Monopoli is slow down, relax, and live la dolce vita. But if you feel the need to have a short to do list, I’ve prepared one for you. So what is there to do in Monopoli?

Wander the narrow streets of the old city:

The narrow streets 01
The narrow streets 02
The narrow streets 03

Visit the Monopoli Cathedral (Basilica of the Madonna della Madia). Its Baroque interior is quite fascinating:

Monopoli Cathedral
Monopoli Cathedral at night

Visit the Castle of Carlo V and walk around its walls on your way to the old port:

The Castle
Old port of Monopoli

Eat good Pugliese food, like the orecchiete with tomatoes and cheese at the La Vechia Taverna restaurant or the ice cream at Gelateria Caruso.

Almond ice cream
Gelateria Caruso

Walk on the lungomare:

Monopoli lungomare 01
Monopoli lungomare 02
Monopoli lungomare 03

You can even go to the beach:

One of the few small beaches of Monopoli

Watch the sunset:


Eat late in the evening and stay out late, enjoying the cool air of the night:

Monopoli at night 01
Monopoli at night 02
Monopoli at night 03
Monopoli at night 04

But mostly, relax and enjoy!


  1. Lovely town and excellent food. I’m trying to undestand the significance of the statue in the Piazza Plebiscito, which honors the 300(?) heroes. Likewise in the Basilica there’s a plaque expressing gratitude to the Madonna for saving the city during the (enemy?) attack of 16 Nov 1940. I’ve discovered no other information for either of these two events.

    • Lovely town indeed! I think you need to look for some locals and ask about the history 😉

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