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Foggy days are mostly the attribute of winter. You won’t have many of them in spring. That’s why, when I woke up one May morning, looked outside and saw a milky fog covering the roofs, I had to immediately go for a walk.

The city looked so peaceful, white fog mixing with the fresh green of the trees and herbs, floating above the canals. I walked around the city in awe, inhaling the very fresh scent of the air: wild herbs and blossom. By the time I reached the city centre, the fog was almost gone, but the morning was still quiet and beautiful.

Foggy May Morning Alkmaar 01
Foggy May Morning Alkmaar 02
Foggy May Morning Alkmaar 03

I remembered how, in my first year after moving to Alkmaar, I was doing morning walks very often, sometimes even at sunrise, and it was amazing! I had more energy back then. I didn’t have to deal with the Long-Covid effects and with a very busy and stressful schedule. I’m in the middle of doing some changes in my freelancing business, and I would like to write about it at some point, if I manage to find the time (if the changes work, you’ll know, because the articles will appear). I didn’t have much time to write on the blog, and it was very upsetting for me. The only moment when I could talk to my audience, properly, in the past few months, was when I wrote the newsletter. And after sending it, I also felt I was heard. People replied, I had conversations, I didn’t feel I was talking to the walls, like it happened many times on social media or on the blog.

Foggy May Morning Alkmaar 04
Foggy May Morning Alkmaar 05
Foggy May Morning Alkmaar 06
Foggy May Morning Alkmaar 07

This foggy morning happened almost two weeks ago, and I only manage to write about it now. I promised myself I will stay on track this time, once I write this article, and I will post more on the blog. Maybe that was one of the reasons I postponed it, because I didn’t feel I could keep my promise. But I’m here now, trying to regain my creative grounds and make this a priority.

Foggy May Morning Alkmaar 08
Foggy May Morning Alkmaar 09
Foggy May Morning Alkmaar 10
Foggy May Morning Alkmaar 11
Foggy May Morning Alkmaar 12

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