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Last weekend, at the Westergasfabriek, the air was filled with delicious flavours, all of them coming from stalls selling vegan food. This was one of the many vegan events of the year in Amsterdam. Looks like the vegan movement is quite a hip trend, and it will not stop soon. Being a vegetarian for many years, I can only be happy that this is a growing trend. It’s a perfect opportunity for non-vegans to try vegan food and a great treat for vegans who can finally go to a food festival and eat everything that is on offer.

As it happens with any other food festivals in Amsterdam, the place was crowded and the queues were long. However, the food was worth it! This time I didn’t line up for my favourite Vleesch noch Visch pita, because I wanted to try something else, there were so many tasty options!

Food wasn’t the only thing on offer at the Vegan Food Festival: there were stalls with various vegan products, for a vegan lifestyle, there was music, sport and workshops. Oh, and the entrance was free — what more can you wish for?!

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