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Relaxing with candlelight yoga

Posted on Dec 3, 2014 by

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One of my latest resolutions (I know it’s not the new year yet, but I never wait that long to make new resolutions) is to slow down the pace of living, to relax more and to feel better in my body. Nothing special, just what every one of us needs, I guess.

I had in mind that yoga might help me achieve this, but I had a hard time deciding if it’s something that I’m made for. In the meantime I was checking some studios, photos and thinking about it. I can’t tell you how surprised I was when, one day, I found an email in my inbox, inviting me to visit a yoga studio! It was almost like they read my mind, and it sounded so appealing: candlelight yoga! I took it as a good sign and reserved my mat for a Yin Yang Yoga class.

I arrived early at the studio — Joyful Yoga, in a lovely apartment in the centre — where Natasha, the teacher, was lighting the candles. The atmosphere was cozy and friendly, she made tea and we talked for a while. She explained some things to me about yoga and gave me some advice. Then the rest of the people arrived and the lesson started. It wasn’t a beginners class, but I did my best to keep up, resting when I felt like it. The first part of the lesson, the Yang part, was quite demanding, and then we slowly drifted into the relaxation with the Yin part of the lesson. The candlelight was definitely a good addition to the exercise, not to mention the “cherry on the cake”; Natasha offered to each one of us a few seconds massage on the forehead with warm, scented oils while we were lying on the pillows, falling asleep meditating.

I felt relaxed and energised at the same time and I left the studio with a good mood that lasted for the next day. The next class that I would like to try is the Yin Yoga, to see if I would enjoy that one even more. I’m sure this was just the first step on the road to my happy body & mind; I have a lot to learn and I’m sure I will enjoy every bit of it. I was happy to find out that the candles that are used are all soy candles, non toxic, as well as most of the cleaning products that are used in the studio.

If you would like to try it you can check the website and find which one of the classes suit you best. There are different types of yoga, plus pregnancy yoga classes, yoga workshops and a detox programme. There are day classes as well, not only the ones in the evening. In January, Joyful Yoga will begin their ‘New Year, Joyful You‘ celebrations — a line-up of motivational talks, inspirational workshops (and a 5 class card offer of just €50).

To give you a feel for the studio, here are some photos of the place and Natasha doing some beautiful yoga poses:

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