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Forest Walks and Doing an Autumn Cleaning for My Mind

Posted on Oct 28, 2022 by

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There are two months left of this year. Some people count the days till Christmas, others count what they can still accomplish in the 60 days left, others simply panic at the thought that another year has gone by.

Normally, I’m in the second category. Forever lacking time, I always have too many things I want to do and underestimate the time to do them. However, one of the best things I learned this year was how to prioritise. And how to put myself first. I learned it the hard way, but I feel I have shed a skin this October, and I move further with a new attitude on life.

Light and shadows

The to-do list suffered a drastic transformation, the agendas have been rewritten. Mornings start again with meditation; the emails stay unopened for a while, the messages unanswered. There are two months left of this year and I want to use them for closing the year in a good state of mind.

To clear my mind and regain focus, I go for a walk in the nature. Forest is my dear friend, who’s always there for me. It’s the best meditation I get: walking around, breathing in the autumn air, with all the wonderful scents, focusing on leaves changing colour and mushrooms growing, is clearing my thoughts and brings me in a peaceful state.

I’ve been very busy in the past months, building my business and trying to figure out the right path for it, and I was swamped under all the work, forgetting about my well-being for a while. It’s a common thing for freelancers, to overwork themselves and have their mental health affected. I knew that before I started, and I still went on with it. Because it’s very hard to stand your ground and respect boundaries when you are in the middle of it. But I’m trying. Hitting a reset button, trying to reduce the consequences of not paying attention to my health. Autumn is for cleaning, for organising and stocking the pantry with good stuff. And I’m doing just the equivalent of that for my mind and body right now 🙂

Walk in the forest 01
Walk in the forest 02
Walk in the forest 03
Walk in the forest 04
Walk in the forest 05
Walk in the forest 06
Walk in the forest 07
Walk in the forest 08
Walk in the forest 09
Walk in the forest 10
Walk in the forest 11
Walk in the forest 12

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