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Dinner at the Old School Restaurant

Posted on Nov 27, 2015 by

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Amsterdam’s food scene is never boring. A few unusual restaurants hosted in special locations are a great addition. Old School, a restaurant in the building of an old school, close to RAI station, is one of these. I think everyone will feel a bit nostalgic the moment they step through the front door and find themselves in the corridor: the look is exactly the one of an old school and brings back childhood memories. But you won’t spend too much time daydreaming, you have to go to the first floor for the restaurant, and up there you’ll find a different décor.

The space was designed to keeping some of the existing accents, like the white tiles or an old sink. The walls separating the classrooms are gone and replaced by a bar splitting the place in two. The left side, where you would sit if you just want to have some drinks, has a few cosy spots; pillows, lights in the windows, a couch and some vintage items. On the right side of the bar is the restaurant, with white linen tablecloths and the open kitchen that gives you a sneak peak at the chefs preparing the food. I like the big open space, something you don’t see too often in Amsterdam restaurants, but still managing to be cosy, with candlelight and quiet atmosphere.

We went there for dinner, so we sat on the right side. We were welcomed with an interesting pumpkin amuse-bouche which we enjoyed while warming up. The menu is not extensive, it has only a few options because the restaurant focuses on conscious cooking, working with small local suppliers and seasonal ingredients. There is a vegetarian option for all courses, though, and I have to say it was delicious! I particularly enjoyed the main course, autumn vegetables with avocado mayonaise. The meat dishes were delicious as well, my friend had a tuna starter and a slow cooked lamb. They recommended a wine pairing with each course — good wines that highlight the taste of the food. And although at the end we were quite full, we decided to share a desert. The one we picked sounded like someone had read my mind, taking (almost) all of my favourite ingredients and putting them all in one recipe: coconut mousse & coconut ice cream, topped with passion fruit and yoghurt meringue. Yum!

All in all, I liked it and recommend it, it’s a  good place to go with friends (even big groups), for a date, a special anniversary, or even for no particular reason. In the summer they also have a nice sunny terrace. Getting there was a bit tricky, the restaurant is surrounded by a few construction sites at the moment and it’s a bit difficult to spot in the evening. But I’m glad I didn’t let that stop me 🙂

For practical info you can check the Old School website and for a quick overview, here are some photos from our visit:

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