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Saying goodbye over an apple pie

Posted on Mar 16, 2017 by

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A dear friend is moving back home this week, leaving Amsterdam one fine writer poorer, and we decided that the best way to say goodbye would be to eat an apple pie at Winkel 43.

I don’t know exactly why but there is something quite relaxing about having an apple pie and a cappuccino in a cosy place, at dusk, while the air outside gets colder and the light wanes. And, although the apple pie wasn’t as soft and fluffy as we remembered (maybe they had a not-so-perfect batch that day), it was still delicious, and Winkel 43 was the best place to have our goodbye over an apple pie. This small café doesn’t get too crowded during weekdays, so we could eat our scrumptious appeltaarts while remembering good moments from the past and talking about our plans for the future. Those plans include obviously some visits, and I hope we’ll have many more cosy and fun moments together.

Now, let us enjoy a virtual appeltaart together!

Winkel 43 Café - 01
Winkel 43 Café - 02
Winkel 43 Café - 03
Winkel 43 Café - 04
Winkel 43 Café - 05
Winkel 43 Café - 06
Winkel 43 Café - 07
Winkel 43 Café - 08
Winkel 43 Café - 09
Winkel 43 Café - 10

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