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People of Amsterdam

Posted on May 24, 2013 by

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I always talk about how great this city is, but it wouldn’t be fair to omit the people living here… After all, they are the ones making Amsterdam such a beautiful place!


  1. every time I see Amsterdam in photos I lose a piece of my hart, I love this city so much its like my second home I have been 7 times in 3 years I never get tired of what is a fantastic city that has so much to offer to all types and ages, its also a city like no other in the world.

    • I so love this city

    • It’s quite difficult not to fall in love with this city, once you visit it. I hope that seeing these pictures will make you feel like you are here, at least for a few moments!

      • It makes me sad looking at the photos of Amsterdam as it means I am not there, however I do like to see Amsterdam as I never get board of the city nor the area around the city

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