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People and the city

Posted on Jun 10, 2011 by in All Photos, The City | 0 comments

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Amsterdam is the largest city in the Netherlands, with a population of 780,000 residents — and growing. The community seems to embrace in its loving arms over 170 nationalities. Every day all these people, together with tourists and the ones arriving here on business, run through the streets in all directions. I wouldn’t say it fits my definition of a crowded city but it is not a quiet one either. It can be truly entertaining to watch the swarm of people making its way by foot, bicycle, public transport or car, to mix in with them and go with the flow, to become one with the city.

The mix of nationalities and cultures that is found here gives rise to a cosmopolitan atmosphere with a vibrant day and night life. Many languages are spoken around, so it’s no wonder that almost all Dutch people speak very good English and many of them are also fluent in German and/or French. It is the place of diversity in all it’s forms — Amsterdam is famous for showing tolerance and the reputation is well deserved.

People are the ones that give life to streets and houses and become the soul of a city; which makes them an essential photography subject as well.

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