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What to do in Amsterdam in February 2014

Posted on Jan 28, 2014 by

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Interesting events in Amsterdam happen all year ’round, and I always like to think ahead to the next few months, just to make sure I won’t miss any of my favourites ones. I want to share my findings with you so that you’ll know about them and can plan your visits in advance. Of course I can’t mention here all of the cool stuff happening in Amsterdam, but I’ll point to the ones that I would personally like to see. I hope you find some that pique your interest as well!

Here is my would like to do list for February in Amsterdam:

And last but not least, although it’s not in Amsterdam and requires a train trip to Rotterdam, I would really like to see the Brâncuși, Rosso, Man Ray — “Framing Sculpture” exhibition at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen.


  1. Hi, dear foody, and photogiant
    I would like to introduce NeL to you. Because you have a good looking, quality blog. is a bar-restaurant on one of the most beautiful spots in the centre of Amsterdam, if I may say so. Most young parents from the neighbourhood have found it long time. Because we are next to a vast playground. It is on your map, so maybe you know it already. The terrace overlooks the sandbox, climbing frame and football lot. But not only young parents are fond of us. Since we have quite a big inn, many receptions and end-of-the-week-office-drinks are at our place. As well as weddings and anniversaries. Of course besides that, people – especially from the hood – come in for a coffee and self made cake, for lunch, for just a drink when-the-5-is-in-the-clock or for dinner (one of our most popular meals at present is the sole, I can recommend that!). Mondays we have live jazz on a very high level, even international topnotches now and then visit these sessions. The last tuesday of the month we have singersong / popcover evenings aswell, with a live band, this is also an open session. Entrance for both sessions is free and one can have dinner (and talk, laugh out loud or read the papers) at the same time. Now, of course, your blog is a photo and foody blog. In that regard we also have every month a different photo exhibition. Let me know if you want more details or things worth knowing on kitchen, wine or any other matters. Kind regards Dennis Dwinger, 0655791949. NeL

    • I know the place, but thanks for reminding me, it’s on the list now 🙂

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