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Happy Times with Friends: a Photo Shoot with Madlen

Posted on Aug 2, 2018 by

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Madlen is a dear friend who used to live in the Netherlands, but one year ago she moved back to her home country, Romania, wishing to be closer to her family. I miss her very much, although we talk daily and we visit each other whenever we have the chance. As an expat, friends come and go and you need to make the best out of this situation — I know that’s the case, but I still struggle to accept it. When it comes to Madlen, seeing her happy makes up for not having the chance to drink a coffee with her every weekend.

During one of her visits, this summer, she asked me to take a few “formal” pictures for her LinkedIn profile. Of course I didn’t stop at that, and we had a photo shoot while walking our way through the hot city. We crossed Amsterdam from East to West, took pictures, had lunch, watched the flamingos at the Artis and the children bathing in the canals. She found a Dostoevsky book in one of the free street libraries and she was happy. It was a lovely day and I hope we’ll have the chance to repeat it again soon.

Madlen 01
Madlen 02
Madlen 03
Madlen 04
Boats and clouds
Madlen 05
Madlen 06
Madlen 07
Madlen 08
Madlen 09
Madlen 10

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