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Amsterdam Neighbourhoods: an Autumn Day in Stadionbuurt

Posted on Nov 9, 2019 by

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You won’t find Stadionbuurt in many Amsterdam travel guides. This neighbourhood is more of a residential one, where people go on about their lives undisturbed by tourist crowds. In my first year in Amsterdam I used to live close to this area and I took long walks from Rivierenbuurt to Apollobuurt and Stadionbuurt. As I moved further, this became a part of Amsterdam I didn’t have reasons to go to anymore. But recently I rediscovered it, because I was invited to restaurants in that area a couple of times and I found myself again on the streets that brought back old memories. Last time, a few weeks ago, after I went to NENI for a delicious brunch (influencers event, but since I’m no influencer, don’t ask me who was there because I enjoyed only the company of my friend and the food), I went for a walk in the hope I will burn some of the calories and to enjoy the beautiful autumn day.


There is a certain beauty to Amsterdam Zuid neighbourhoods, a homey feeling; they bring the joy of non-instagramable places where you can walk and admire regular shops, boats and canals, Amsterdam School architecture, geese on a canal side and a child ruffling through the fallen leaves. 

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  1. Please don’t post about neighbourhoods where Amsterdam people love to live their own lives. We want to keep our high quality living area a pleasure for ourselves and civilised, well mannered, most welcome guests . Civilised, quiet, art and architecture loving visitors have found us for the last 100 years without any mentioning of our neighbourhood in touristguides and travelblogs.

    • Hi Charlotte, you should not assume that the readers of this blog are not well mannered 🙂
      I understand your concern. As a blogger, I face this dilemma very often: should I write about all the places I love or keep them a secret? Sometimes I choose one, sometimes the other. After all, you can find absolutely everything mentioned on big websites like Iamsterdam, so I doubt that censoring what I write about my personal experiences on this blog will keep the people away from certain areas or restaurants.


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