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Wandering around Porto, you can see that the city is not rich, but has lots of personality and a big heart! The streets of Porto are either colourful and lively, or quiet and shaded. They each have a particular beauty and each tells a story if you stop and listen (which you will probably do, because the heavy slope of the streets leaves you breathless, forcing you to rest from time to time).

The people are beautiful, friendly and kind. Every encounter I had was pleasant, and I even witnessed a few kindhearted gestures, the type that restores your faith in humanity – like a lady working in a restaurant who noticed an old man hiding from the rain under a tiny cover and opened the door, inviting him to step inside and wait on a chair till the rain stopped. I felt among friends in Porto, it’s a nice feeling to have in a city when you’re visiting for the first time, and know no one. I can’t wait to go back!



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