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On one of the three sunny days in January, I went to the Centraal Station to take the train for Zandvoort. I wanted to go to the sea, to breathe salty air and listen to the waves. Unfortunately, the wind was so sharp that I arrived at the station all frozen, so I decided to go back home, but not before enjoying a bit of sun and water. There’s a small area close to Centraal, called Oosterdok, that is pretty and worth a walk. 

I went there, passing by the Double Tree Hotel and the Public Library, towards Nemo. I stopped on the docks for a while, watching the seagulls and the swans, then came back to the station area on the Prins Hendrinkkade. The sun was great but the cold wind sent me home almost running.

Oosterdok winter light 01

Oosterdok winter light 02

Oosterdok winter light 03

Oosterdok winter light 04

Oosterdok winter light 05

Oosterdok winter light 06

Oosterdok winter light 07

Oosterdok winter light 08

Oosterdok winter light 09

Oosterdok winter light 10

Oosterdok winter light 11

Oosterdok winter light 12

Oosterdok winter light 13


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  1. Ellie McNiece

    I did this same walk in January but continued walking for many hours around Amsterdam as it was my last day and no matter what the weather I was determined to soak up as much of my favourite city as I possibly could. I’m back home in Tasmania now and miss Amsterdam and my family there but happy in the knowledge that I will go back again one day 😊

    • Amsterdamian

      I hope you’ll have the chance to come back and enjoy Amsterdam again!

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