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The best place to be on a sunny day is outside, enjoying the sun. Amsterdamians are very skilled at this: every single spot heated by the sun’s rays will immediately be occupied by someone. Their favourite position is standing, face towards the sun, eyes closed. Quite funny looking, but it’s easy to understand it after a few months living in the climate. It is also common to take a table and some chairs, place them in front of the house and invite a friend for a coffee there. Other good places to have a quick sunbath are: the windowsill, the entrance stairs and the bank of a canal.

I believe in this country the art of slow living is being practiced more than in other parts of Europe.

This is one of the things that greatly add to the charm of the place — walking along the streets and seeing relaxed people can have a beneficial impact on one’s state of mind. It’s as if a Holiday Spirit took residence in the city, and decided to never leave.

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  1. Wow Amsterdam is really amazing. The pictures are great and the views speechless. Nice place to chill out 😀

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